Benjamin Dumitrascuta

Before hiring a contracting firm for a construction project, make sure it values ongoing industry education.

Residential/commercial construction is a rapidly changing field—new products and regulations are constantly being introduced into the market, so contractors have to take the time to educate themselves in order to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. “A good contractor should always be learning by visiting building websites and attending product tradeshows,” confirms Benjamin Dumitrascuta, owner of Benjamin D. Construction Co in Lafayette. “To remain competitive and do the job correctly, you have to stay on top of the state licensing board’s updates and know which new laws and regulations are in effect.”

One of the biggest areas of change in the construction industry is the implementation of Green building materials and practices, which have become increasingly popular with homeowners over the past couple decades. “Most people don’t know exactly what Green building entails, but they know they want to be environmentally-responsible” says Mr. Dumitrascuta. “Green building involves a lot of different factors, so a good contractor should be able to explain exactly how they’re going to make your job as environmentally-friendly as possible.”

When looking for a contractor, Mr. Dumitrascuta cautions against basing your decision solely on price. “Of course, it’s important to find a contractor who’s price-competitive, but your main goal should be getting the most value for your money, and that doesn’t always mean the lowest price,” he says. “Look for a company that takes pride in its work and is in the business for the long run. Build a relationship with them instead of just conducting a business transaction. That way, you can be assured they’ll be ready to help if you need future work.”

"That he is an honest person, I also liked that he kept his word. He was on time when I wanted to meet with him for an assessment. He was punctual. He has integrity and a great work ethic. I even recommended him to my next door neighbor."
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